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December 2017

The Betty Golde Smith Library at the St. Louis Psychoanalytic Institute has 35 journal subscriptions available. Here is a sample of current articles that may be of interest to you. Please contact me at or 314-361-7075 (ext. 324) if you have questions about accessing journal articles.    –David Bachman, Librarian


American Imago (2017, issue 3; special issue on Exile and Memory)
Helen Fehervary
Anna Seghers’s Response to the Holocaust
The American Journal of Psychoanalysis (2017, issue 3; special issue on Sándor Ferenczi)
Raluca Soreanu
Something was lost in Freud’s Beyond the Pleasure Principle: A Ferenczian reading
Canadian Journal of Psychoanalysis (2016 issue 2 / 2017 issue 1)
Les M. Fleischer
Body image and transience: frozen in time
Contemporary Psychoanalysis (2017, issue 3)
Robert Muller
The referral matrix: its unexamined effect on treatment
International Journal of Psychoanalysis  (2017, issue 4)
Margaret M. Browning
Feeling one’s way in the world: making a life
Beate West-Leuer
Black Swan – the sacrifice of a prima ballerina: psychosexual (self)-injuries as the legacy of archaic experiences of violence (film essay)
Journal of the American Psychoanalytic Association (2017, issue 4)
Gabriel Ruiz
University forum: revitalizing the South Side of Chicago
Journal of Infant, Child and Adolescent Psychotherapy (2017, issue 3)
Peta Mees
One and one and one is minus three: therapeutic consultations in child and adolescent mental health services with separated and conflicted parents
Psychoanalysis, Self and Context (2017, issue 4; special issue on International Perspectives on Child and Adolescent Treatment: In Celebration of Anna Ornstein)
Anna Ornstein
Special challenges facing child psychotherapists
Psychoanalytic Dialogues (2017, issue 4)
Dominique Scarfone
On “That is not psychoanalysis”: ethics as the main tool for psychoanalytic knowledge and discussion
Psychoanalytic Inquiry (2017, issue 6; special issue: The Ethical Turn)
Doris Brothers
If Freud were a woman: gender, uncertainty, and the psychology of being human
The Psychoanalytic Quarterly  (2017, issue 3)
Richard H. Fulmer
Rebel Without a Cause: A psychoanalytic and family-life-cycle view of emerging adulthood in the film (film essay)
Psychoanalytic Review (2017, issue 4; special issue: Erich Fromm’s Legacy)
Neil McLaughlin
When worlds collide: sociology, disciplinary nightmares, and Fromm’s revision of Freud
Psychodynamic Psychiatry (2017, issue 3)
Robert M. Gordon and Jing Lan
Assessing distance training: How well does it produce psychoanalytic psychotherapists?

All of these journals are made available to you when you visit us at the Betty Golde Smith Library.  Stop by weekdays, 8:30 a.m. – 3:30 p.m.