The St. Louis Psychoanalytic Institute is pleased to present the 2017 Paul A. Dewald, MD, Lecture

Part of the Centene Charitable Foundation Speakers Series…

Understanding Race, Social Class, and Culture Through a Psychoanalytic Lens

Presenter:  Neil Altman, PhD

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Photo Neil_AltmanDate: Thursday, November 30, 2017

Time:  7:00 p.m.

Location: Donald Danforth Plant Science Center

975 N Warson Road, St. Louis, MO 63132

Fee: $25 per person non-Credit Hours; $35 per person for Credit Hours  (non-refundable)

 This program, when attended in its entirety,  is offered for 2.0 Credit Hours



An important evening you won’t want to miss, with nationally recognized psychoanalytic psychoanalyst, clinician, author, and lecturer Dr. Neil Altman

In daily life, much interpersonal understanding and misunderstanding results from the stereotyped assumptions we make, unreflectively, about ourselves and other people based on racial, social class, gender, and cultural/ethnic categories.  Psychoanalytic study of meaning-making processes in the microcosm of the clinical interaction can serve as a model for consciousness raising about how we perceive and interact with each other across these groupings so that we can better address and repair the breakdowns in communication that inevitably occur. Understanding of the psychological functions served in identity formation by the stereotypes we hold, on individual and group levels, can further guide efforts to transcend impasses and ruptures in communication.

This lecture will consider the way the social categories of race, social class, and culture can be understood from a psychoanalytic point of view. Special consideration will be given to the way “whiteness” is constructed in U.S. society, along with the implications for the racial and social class status of various ethnic groups in this country.

The intersection of racial, social class, and cultural categories will be explored, both in psychotherapy and in daily life.


  • Identify and discuss the role of concepts of “whiteness” and “blackness” in organizing the ways race is lived in US society
  • Identify and discuss how social class hierarchies intersect with racial categories in US society
  • Identify and discuss how culture operates within meaning-making processes in interpersonal interactions


Neil Altman is faculty at the William Alanson Institute in New York City, Honorary Member of the William Alanson White Society, and Visiting faculty at Ambedkar University of Delhi, India.  He is Editor Emeritus and Associate Editor of Psychoanalytic Dialogues: The International Journal of Relational Perspectives, Associate Editor and Board Member of the Journal of Infant, Child, and Adolescent Psychotherapy, and the International Journal of Applied Psychoanalytic Studies.  He was a Founding Board Member of the International Association for Relational Psychoanalysis and Psychotherapy.  His most recent book is Psychoanalysis in Times of Accelerating Cultural Change: Spiritual Globalization (2015).  He also is author of The Analyst in the Inner City: Race, Class and Culture through a Psychoanalytic Lens, (2010) and co-author of Relational Child Psychotherapy (2002).  Dr. Altman has published over 60 journal articles

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