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In the Community - Lectures and Seminars

Continuing education/community education individual courses for mental health professionals and for educators and professionals working with children and adolescents and for the community at large are presented by the Institute during our academic year. 

Our programs are on "summer break" at the moment, but check back with us in August for a listing of all our Fall seminars and lectures.

In the meantime, enjoy our Summer Reading Recommendations -- from our Board, Faculty and Friends: 

The Goldfinch
Donna Tartt
Donna Tartt's Goldfinch is as complex, disturbing and compelling a work of art as any I've encountered lately.  Its story is spooled out on many different levels, sometimes in rather operatic style, with three or four things being articulated at once, and written in lyrical language, and delivered with the capacity to break one's heart time and again.  My feelings go way beyond the literary, and my admiration is built on a foundation of reasons so deep and so personal they belong in the consulting room, but I eagerly offer this book to you with admiration and enthusiasm nevertheless. 
                                            -- Robert Duffy, Board Member

The Sense of an Ending
Julian Barnes

A fascinating book about memory.
                   -- Boo Cook, Long-time Institute Supporter 

Growing Up Absurd
Paul Goodman

There is a new edition of this available, through New York Review Books.  It was probably the most important book I read about the need to establish a meaningful life when I was young.  And things have only gotten worse since it was written.  So, a must read, I think.
                           -- J. Todd Dean, MD, Faculty Member

Make sure you are on our e-mail list for program updates.   Simply e-mail or call 314-361-7075 x 351.

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