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August 2019

The Betty Golde Smith Library at the St. Louis Psychoanalytic Institute has 35 journal subscriptions available. Here is a sample of current articles that may be of interest to you. Please contact me at or 314-361-7075 (ext. 324) if you have questions about accessing journal articles.    –David Bachman, Librarian

American Imago (2019, issue 2)

Donna Orange
Book review, Old and Dirty Gods: Religion, Antisemitism, and the Origins of Psychoanalysis, by Pamela Cooper-White


American Journal of Psychoanalysis (2019; issue 2)

Vamik D. Volkan
Large-group identity, who are we now? Leader-follower relationships and societal-political divisions


International Journal of Applied Psychoanalytic Studies (2019, issue 2) (special issue on Climate Change and the Human Factor)

Ira Brenner, Climate change and the human factor: why does not everyone realize what is happening?


International Journal of Psychoanalysis (2019, issue 2)

Bruce Fink
On the value of the Lacanian approach to analytic practice


Journal of Infant, Child, and Adolescent Psychotherapy (2019, issue 1)

Taaha Shakir, et al.
Do our adolescents know they are cyberbullying victims?


Psychoanalysis, Self and Context (2019, issue 2)

Maxwell S. Sucharov
We are all located somewhere: Thoughts on history, trauma, and the psychoanalytic process


Psychoanalytic Inquiry (2019, issue 2)

Stephen Seligman
Relational psychoanalysis as a “Child of the Sixties”: politics, innovation and the transition from adolescence


Psychoanalytic Inquiry (2019, issues 3-4)

Theodore J. Jacobs
Now streaming: On unconscious communications in the analytic process


Psychoanalytic Quarterly (2019, issue 3)

Robin L. Turner
Book review, The Developmental Science of Early Childhood: Clinical Applications of Infant Mental Health Concepts from Infancy Through Adolescence, by Claudia M. Gold


The Psychoanalytic Review (2019, issue 2)

Uta Gosmann
Lost to himself: Narcissus and Freud’s theory of narcissism reinterpreted

Lynn Perlman
Breastfeeding and female sexuality


Psychoanalytic Study of the Child (2019)

Laura Whitman
“Using a spoon to claw your way out of a steel cage”: a candidate works with the frustration and defeatism of a college student with inattentive ADHD and depression

Megan M. Kolano
It takes a village to grow a person: a case of psychoanalytic treatment in a hospital setting


Psychodynamic Psychiatry (2019, issue 2)

Xavier F. Jiminez
Parallel pains and dynamic dilemmas: psychodynamic considerations in approaching and managing chronic physical pain


Studies in Gender and Sexuality (2019, issue 2)

Patricia T. Clough
Notes on psychoanalysis and technology, the psyche and the social

All of these journals are made available to you when you visit us at the Betty Golde Smith Library.  Stop by weekdays, 8:30 a.m. – 3:30 p.m.