Group Supervision for Licensed Therapists

Group Supervision offers exposure to a wide variety of cases and therapeutic styles, thus a broader comparison of clinical material and therapeutic technique.

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Dates: 16 Group Supervisory Sessions; Date and Times to be Determined by Each Group

Fee: $320

Certificate of Participation Awarded Upon Completion

From a psychodynamic perspective, any patient/therapist pair undertakes a complex process involving both conscious as well as unconscious forces in both participants. Social, cultural and reality factors add to the complexity of the interactions at cognitive, emotional, interpersonal and therapeutically responsive levels. The supervisor can assist the therapist in establishing a formulation of the core conflicts – both conscious and unconscious – presented by the patient.

Participants will be placed into small groups with an Institute Faculty member or Advanced Candidate as a supervisor.

From time to time, groups are formed based on specific topics.  At present, there is a group forming around children’s issues and one forming for those interested in working in the threshold between psychodynamic psychotherapy and spirituality/transformation. Please specify your interests when registering.  

Questions?  Contact Cathy Krane, or 314-446-3043