Scholarship Support

Not all students can afford high quality mental health education at the Institute. To help students access the information that will allow them to impact the community, the Institute offers scholarships and underwrites part of their education. This is made possible by donors like you. THANK YOU!

By the numbers…

                                                    Actual Cost                 Av. Tuition Charge              Av. Scholarship
Analytic Training                            $10,481                       $3,688                                    $1,144
                                           $5,395                         $4,128                                    $1,533
*Advanced Psychodynamic Psychotherapy Program

The following are scholarships created by the generosity of our donors. Donors can endow a scholarship (starting at $30,000), contribute to one of the endowed scholarships below, or make your donations to support scholarships in general.

Eric J. Nuetzel, MD Fund

Initiated in the summer of 2006, with a lead gift from Mitchell and Joan Markow, to support the analytic training of one full time academic per year in the theory and practice of psychoanalysis. Such individuals use their analytic training to inform and advance their own research interests bringing psychoanalysis into universities, and university faculty into psychoanalysis, thereby enriching the intellectual environment of the Institute while advancing human knowledge. The recipient will be known as the Nuetzel Scholar.

Saul and Louise Rosenzweig Fund

Established in May 2011, with a gift from the Saul and Louise Rosenzweig Foundation, to provide scholarships for full-time academics taking classes in Analytic Training, Advanced Psychodynamic Psychotherapy, or the Child and Adolescent Psychodynamic Psychotherapy programs. The Fund was created to support the lifelong work of Saul Rosenzweig to bridge the gap between Academic Psychology and Psychoanalysis. In his lifetime Saul Rosenzweig did this through his research, through his methodological approach to study the lives of creative individuals, and in his comprehensive history of the Freud-Jung visit.

Schiele Scholarship Fund

The Herbert S. Schiele Scholarship Fund was established to provide scholarships to qualified analytic scholars or candidates who reside in St. Louis City or County to help them defray the cost of psychoanalytic training.

Bernoudy Scholarship

The Bernoudy Scholarship supports students in the Adult Psychodynamic Psychotherapy Program.


In addition to the above funds, there are four scholarships created from tributes given in memory or honor of four long-time supporters of the Institute:

The John M. Drescher, Jr. Memorial Scholarship

The Stephen L. Post, MD Memorial Scholarship

The Drs. Robert and Elsie Meyers Scholarship

Paul’s Progress Scholarship

Endowed scholarships start at $30,000 and are a great way to make a lasting impact in the community. For more details, contact Cathy Krane at or 314-361-7075 x.323.