Tributes & Memorials

A tribute or memorial gift to the Institute is a wonderful way to honor friends and family.

A personal acknowledgement is sent to the person being honored—without reference to the size of the gift. Tribute and memorial gifts are listed in the Institute’s Annual Report.

Tribute and memorial gifts support Institute operations and mental health initiatives or can be earmarked for a special project. The St. Louis Psychoanalytic Institute is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization in good standing. Your gift is welcomed, appreciated, and fully tax-deductible.

Recent Tributes & Memorials:

In Honor of Chuck Cook
Wendy Cook

In Honor of Chuck Cook 
“All his kiddos”

In Honor of Chuck & Boo Cook
Robert & Marcia Kern

In Honor of Barbara Eagleton
Charles J. Cook

In Honor of Hope Edison
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Cook
Janie and Sandy Sommer

In Honor of Mr. & Mrs. Julian Edison
Charles J. Cook

In Honor of Curt & Robin Engler 
Jacques A. and Nancy Herzog

In Honor of Dottie & Bob Garner
Charles J. Cook

In Honor of Dr. William Kelly & Family
Gloria Goldblatt

In Honor of Jacqueline Langley
Tedi & Ed Macias

In Honor of Nancy Lieberman
Carol Staenberg

Dr. K. Lynne Moritz
Sara C. Loyet

In Memory of Eric J. Nuetzel, M.D.
Volney & Barbara Gay

In Memory of Betsy O’Herin
Kenneth Barnard
Kent & Sharon Bangert
Judi Bettendorf
Amy Boosinger
Larry Born
Alan Bushur
Child Analytic Study Group
William and Marianne DeRoze
Dotzauer, Runde, Leicht & Bushur, LLP
Virginia Drone & Stephen Symsack
Doris Ferguson
Gary & Deborah Godwin
Barbara Homeier
William A. Kelly, M.D.
Peter & Cathy Krane
Bryan Lundstrom
Todd Lannom & Brian Clore
David and Diana Massey
Moore & Warner Farm Real Estate LLC
Susan Nuetzel
Duane & Deanne Olson & Family
Helen Reeder
William & Caroline Sant
Janie & Sandy Sommer
The Steinglass Family
Jennifer Strohl
Elaine Tenzer
Eleanor Thomas
Mark Wagner
Laurie and David Welsch
Ellen Willinghan

In Honor of Emmy Pulitzer
Charles J. Cook

In Memory of Barrie Richmond, M.D.
Kaye V. Bock 

In Honor of Ann & Carey Ries
Charles J. Cook

In Honor of Jim & Joan Schiele
Carol & Michael Lyss
Daniel Singer

In Honor of Dr. Britt-Marie Schiller
Lynda Fields

In Honor of Dr. Ann Simmons
Donna & Hunt Bonan

In Memory of George Benson
Karen Kaul

In Memory of Sarah Flake Boyd
Peter & Cathy Krane

In Memory of Dr. Kathryn D. Cramer
Charles J. Cook
Jeanne & Aron Katzman
Lewis A. Levey
Lourdes Henares-Levy
Peter & Cathy Krane

In Memory of Julian Edison
Gary and Deb Godwin
Peter & Cathy Krane
Richard & Josephine Weil
Janie & Sandy Sommer
Stuart Ozar & Betty Sonnenwirth

In Memory of Florence Silk Godwin
Matt & Emily Coen
Gary Grant
Lourdes Henares-Levy
Peter & Cathy Krane
Peter Ruderman

In Memory of Dr. Linda Honne’s Father
Lynn Hamilton

In Memory of John Northrup
Lourdes Henares-Levy 

In Memory of Johnny McGlone
Elaine & Marc Tenzer
Gene & Barbara Spector
Peter & Cathy Krane

In Memory of Paul Morris’ Father 
Lourdes Henares-Levy

In Memory of Alicia Naveas’ Mother
Lourdes Henares-Levy

In Memory of James Scott
Lourdes Henares-Levy
Peter & Cathy Krane

In Memory of Irvin Shore
Lourdes Henares-Levy
Britt-Marie Schiller
Peter & Cathy Krane 

In Memory of Robert Soltvedt
Matt & Emily Coen

In Memory of Frydell Uchitelle
Charles J. Cook