Endowed Lectures

The three endowed lecture series of the Institute are:
The I. H. Cohn, MD, Lecture; the Paul A. Dewald, MD, Lecture; and the Hyman H. Fingert, MD, Memorial Lecture Series.  The history of these lectures follows…

The I. H. Cohn, MD, Lecture
Presented by the St. Louis Psychoanalytic Institute

The I. H. Cohn, MD, Lecture has been established through the generosity of Thomas and Sally Cohn, and named in honor of Mr. Cohn’s father, Isadore H. Cohn, MD.  Dr. Cohn was one of the innovators of adolescent and group psychotherapy in New York.  To contribute, go to the GIVE tab.

2018 – Friday, October 26
The Songs and Poetry of Leonard Cohen: The Transformation of Longing
Bernard Feinberg, MD

2017 – Friday, October 20
The Re-Dawning of the Veil
Nilufer Yalman, PhD

2015 – Friday, October 16
Yes, Virginia, You Can Be a Little Pregnant:
False and Denied Pregnancies —
When the Mind and Body are in Conflict
William D. Kenner, MD

2014 – Friday, October 17
Searching for Bruce Springsteen: An Intersubjective Perspective
Peter Ruderman, MSW

2013 – Friday, November 1
Fumbling in the Dark or Cupid and Psyche Today
J. Todd Dean, MD

2012 – Friday, March 8
Is It True Love?
Sympathy, Passion and Empathy as Illustrated Through the Wisdom of Leave it to Beaver
Volney Gay, PhD

2011 – Friday, September 23
The Beatles’ White Album:  A Multimedia Psychoanalytic Excursion into Pepperland
Michael Brog, MD

2010 – Friday, October 29
True Blood: Our Fascination with the Vampire
Andrew Chirchirillo, PhD

2009 – Friday, October 16
Toward an Understanding of the Role of Uncertainty in an Uncertain World
Gail Glenn, MAEd

2008 – Friday, January 25
Sixty Years of Psychoanalysis: A Personal Odyssey
Paul A. Dewald, MD

2006 – Friday, October 27
Serious Play: Passion or Poison
Eric J. Nuetzel, MD

2005 – Friday, October 28
Tomboys, Sissies and other “Gender Outlaws”
Britt-Marie Schiller, PhD

The Paul A. Dewald, MD, Lecture
Presented by the St. Louis Psychoanalytic Institute

The Paul A. Dewald, MD, Lecture is underwritten by individual donations made to the Paul A. Dewald Education Fund of the St. Louis Psychoanalytic Institute.  Established by Dr. Dewald’s family to honor his long-standing interest in education and his contributions to the Institute, the Education Fund dollars are earmarked to support special educational events or projects related to the application of psychoanalytic concepts to issues of interest to lay and professional groups.  In 1995, the Board designated this fund to support the first Paul A. Dewald, MD, Community Lecture.  To contribute, go to the GIVE tab.

2019 – October 24
Embrace Your Neuroses! Illusions of Everyday Life
Chris Heath, MD

2018 – November 15
Learning to Cope: Lessons from the Movies
Volney Gay, PhD

2017 – November 30
Understanding Race, Social Class, and Culture
Through a Psychoanalytic Lens
Neil Altman, PhD

2016 – October 27
Childhood Trauma in Cultural Context
Gabriel Ruiz, LCPC

2015 – October 22
Pink Parenting: Providing a Facilitating Environment for Gay & Lesbian Teens
Gary Grossman, PhD

2014 – November 6
Remaining Relevant: The Key Role of Psychoanalytic Research
Andrew Gerber, MD, PhD

2013 – October 17
Emotional & Behavioral Challenges in Children:
Working Toward a New Model of Preventive Mental Health Care
Claudia M. Gold, MD

2012 – December 6
The Heart of Addiction: Understanding the Behavior
Lance M. Dodes, MD

2011 – October 27
Meaning Making: How Infants and Young Children Make Meaning of Themselves in the World
Edward Tronick, PhD

2010 – October 14
The Effects of Trauma on the Developing Child
Bruce D. Perry, MD, PhD

2008 – March 6
Psychological Roots of Community Violence
James Gilligan, MD

2006 – February 17
Great Expectations and First Impressions
Adam Phillips

2003 – September 19
Does Evil Have a Psychology
Jonathan Lear, PhD

2002 – April 12
Father Hunger: Exploring the Fathering Principle and its Role in Development
James M. Herzog, MD

2000 – April 11
Half Empty, Half Full
Susan C. Vaughan, MD

1998 – March 3
Parenting Our Children – From Newborn to 30 Years Old and Beyond
Judith Viorst

1996 – May 14
The Good Marriage
Judith S. Wallerstein, PhD

1995 – April 21
Racism & Violence in the United States: The Psychological Underpinnings
Vamik Volkan, MD

The Hyman H. Fingert, MD, Memorial Lecture Series
Presented by the St. Louis Psychoanalytic Society and the
St. Louis Psychoanalytic Institute

The Hyman H. Fingert, MD, Memorial Lecture was established in 2000 by Judith Fingert Chused, MD, and Patricia Fingert to honor Hyman H. Fingert, MD, who helped found the St. Louis Psychoanalytic Institute.  To contribute, go to the GIVE tab.

2019 – October 4
On the Value of the Lacanian Approach to Analytic Practice
Bruce Fink, PhD

2018 – September 28
The thanotics of knowing:
The aggression inherent to analytic process
Adele Tutter, MD, PhD

2017 – October 6
On the Intergenerational Transmission of Sexual Fantasy in Two Analyses
Susan C. Vaughan, MD

2016 – September 23
Attachment, Play and Sexuality: What does playing look like?
Norka Malberg, PsyD

2015 – September 25
Self Care and the Logic of Play
Ken Corbett, PhD

2015 – March 27 (rescheduled from Fall 2014)
Anticipatory Greed and Compensatory Greed: early adolescence and the new object, later adolescence and the lost object
Christine C. Keiffer, PhD

2013 – September 27
Development of a Psychoanalyst
Judith Fingert Chused, MD

2012 – October 12
Elusiveness and the Female Body: Some Problems in Female Psychoanalytic Gender Theory and Practice
Rosemary Balsam, MD

2012 – May 11
Confusion of Tongues in Psychoanalysis: What Analysts Really Do in Their Consulting Rooms, and Thoughts on the Role of the “Here and Now” in Psychoanalytic Interventions
Abbot Bronstein, PhD

2010 – September 24
On Creating a Psychoanalytic Mind: Psychoanalytic Knowledge as a Process
Fred Busch, PhD

2009 – October 2
The Kore complex on a Woman’s Inheritance of her Mother’s Failed Oedipus Complex
Cordelia Schmidt-Hellerau, PhD

2008 – September 26
Close Encounters with Different Psychoanalytic Institutes over the Decades
E. James Anthony, MD

2007 – September 28
Endings, Beginnings, and the Countertransference
Herbert S. Schlesinger, PhD

2006 – September 15
I Read the Kite Runner and Loved It: the Concept of “Anonymity” Revisited
Carolyn Ellman, PhD

2004 – April 2
Imaginary Garden, Real Toads: Reflections on Changing Views of the Analytic Process and the Process of Change
Theodore J. Jacobs, MD

2002 – September 20
Enactments in the Therapeutic Setting
Owen Renik, MD & Judith Chused, MD, Discussant

2000 – September 22
Why Theory?
Judith Fingert Chused, MD