Perspectives logoWritten by St. Louis Psychoanalytic Institute faculty members and guests, this publication series offers viewpoints in the fields of Psychoanalysis and Psychodynamic Psychotherapy – as they apply to everyday life, to psychoanalytic training, to the arts, and more.  Click on the title to read:

The Art of Aging – Britt-Marie Schiller, PhD

The Barber of Seville – Gerald N. Izenberg, PhD

Children & Peril – Donald Rosenblitt, MD

Dynamics of Shame – Britt-Marie Schiller, PhD

Empathy – William A. Kelly, MD

Intergenerational Conflict in Family Business – William A. Kelly, MD

Passion and Pain in Parenting Adolescents – Jacqueline Langley, PhD

Psychoanalysis and the Dramatic Arts – Eric J. Nuetzel, MD

Psychodynamic Psychotherapy – Paul A. Dewald, MD

Psychodynamic Supervision of Psychotherapy – Paul A. Dewald, MD

Self Psychology – William A. Kelly, MD

Understanding Depression – Michael Brog, MD

The Unexamined Life is Not Worth Living: Psychoanalysis and Philosophy  – Britt-Marie Schiller, PhD

Welcome the New Driver – Moisy Shopper, MD and Susan Newman, LCSW