Scholarship Opportunities

The St. Louis Psychoanalytic Institute has a commitment to students wishing to further their education through our programs.  The Institute offers a variety of scholarship opportunities for its training courses, including:

•    The Eric J. Nuetzel, MD Fund of the St. Louis Psychoanalytic Institute supports the full analytic training of one full-time academic per year in the theory and practice of psychoanalysis. Such individuals use their analytic training to inform and advance their own research interests bringing psychoanalysis into universities, and university faculty into psychoanalysis, thereby enriching the intellectual environment of the Institute while advancing human knowledge.

•    The Saul and Louise Rosenzweig Scholarship Fund was created to support the lifelong work of Saul Rosenzweig to bridge the gap between Academic Psychology and Psychoanalysis.  In his lifetime Saul Rosenzweig did this through his research, through his methodologic approach to studying the lives of creative individuals, and in his comprehensive history of the Freud-Jung visit.

•    The Herbert S. Schiele Scholarship Fund was established to provide scholarships to qualified analytic scholars and candidates who reside in the St. Louis area to help them defray the cost of psychoanalytic training.

•    St. Louis Psychoanalytic Institute need-based scholarships. In addition to endowment funds, these scholarships are frequently a result of Board-designated funds or special contributions donated on an annual basis for scholarship purposes.  These currently include:  The John M. Drescher, Jr. and The Stephen L. Post, MD Memorial Scholarships, established with the generous donations from friends and family in memory of these two long-time supporters of the Institute upon their deaths in 2009 and 2011 respectively.  In 2014, a tribute scholarship honoring the Drs. Robert and Elsie Meyers was established,  as well as Paul’s Progress, established in  2014 (with the first  awarded in 2015) to honor Paul Wentzien, former Chairman of the Board in recognition of his great and devoted service to the Institute.

Several external scholarships are also available from the following organizations:

American Psychoanalytic Association

The Association for Child Psychoanalysis

writing 2Applications for need-based scholarships can be found within the application forms for all programs.  All Institute scholarships are awarded by a 3-member team representing the Institute’s Budget & Finance Committee.

Applicants requesting Institute scholarships should submit by April 15 to be considered in the first round of allocations.  If funds allow, we will consider scholarship applications posted after April 15 in the order received.